Articles and reports in our #WW List give insight on how Wedding Professionals run their businesses. Find out what's important to them, how they operate and market their products & services and what sets them apart from their competition. 

This week we are featuring reports that include answers from 50 of our 2014 Honour Roll Members.

How did you land your first paying client?

Our first paying client was a strange one. When we started our business and were still trying to make it in the industry, we offered free venue dressing to build up our client base.  We told couples that if they liked our services then please donate to a local children's charity on behalf of our company...

What advice would you give someone entering your field?
The best advice I can give anyone entering the field is don’t necessarily look at what your competition is doing. Be your own person and marketing titan! Believe in your work and find out how to make it better. Listen to your client’s needs, and always stay confident. You can do it if...

What marketing strategy has proven to be the most effective?
Investing money into a fresh and clean website, that is clearly organized and easy to navigate, as well as investing time into quality posts on Facebook will go along way. Too many people rush into quick, free websites just to get up and running- we spend...

Please share one of your favorite business or success quotes.
My favorite business or success quote is one I heard for the first time was back when I first opened my business.  I tend to be really hard on myself when I make a mistake, so when I heard Simon T Bailey speak at one of the first Engage conferences it was very eye opening for me.   He said "Failure isn't final, it's feedback" it made me stop and realize..

What is one of your most memorable client experiences?
Marrying two men, together for 32 years, in from Texas to be married once marriage equality was back in California.  Being able to fully celebrate them, in front of their friends and family, making their loving and supportive relationship legal and giving it the recognition it deserved, was such a moving and powerful experience!