Happy New Year!

Celebrate!  Look back on how far you have come since you started your business.  

2014 was a great year for many members of our community. For some it was their first year in the wedding industry and for others it was a year where they re-branded their businesses, worked with more clients than ever before, expanded their networks, published books, traveled to exotic and remote venues for client weddings and more. For others, 2014 was a learning curve that has laid the foundation for a successful year ahead.

For us, 2014 was a year of connecting with as many wedding professionals from around the world as we could, to try and work out what makes them successful in their field. When you hear so many perspectives, it becomes clear why some knock the ball out of the park and others plod along.

What we quickly discovered is that those who appear to have achieved higher levels of success have three major things in common:

1. They express gratitude every step of the way and make a conscious effort to deliver more than what is expected.
They understand that when they consistently delight their clients and peers, they don't need to actively seek referrals because people genuinely want to refer them.

2. They actively participate in marketing themselves and their businesses.
They understand that their expertise and ability to offer a great service are crucial for staying in business -- but these don't necessarily translate to significant financial success.

3. They understand the power of visual content ...
and how easy it is for their message to get lost or ignored if it’s not presented in a modern, digestible format.



Armed with a better understanding of the challenges wedding industry businesses face, we decided to completely overhaul WeddingIndustryExperts.com A new version of this site and awards will be launched in April, 2015. Looking forward to connecting with you then.

All the best for a successful 2015!